An Overview of DRO Lathe Machines

DRO (Digital Readout) lathe machines are used to measure and record the diameter and radius of workpieces. They are especially useful when cutting slots and features and can serve as a calculator for users. In addition to being useful calculators, these machines also provide the user with a graphical display of the workpieces’ dimensions. This article provides an overview of DRO machines, and discusses the most important features and functions.

Digital Readouts in Lathe Machines

A digital readout, also called a Digital Location Readout, is a piece of equipment that displays the position of machine components on a computer screen. A DRO is essential for lathe machines, because it provides the operator with more information than just the position. But choosing the right one can be challenging. Below are some tips to choose the right one for your lathe machine. Listed below are some features of a DRO.

Cross Slide in Lathe Machines

Typically, the DRO lathe machine comes with a cross slide, but it’s not always necessary to use it. Some lathes don’t have a cross slide at all. If you’d like to use one, there are several ways to mount it. These methods include using an extension block or drilling and tapping the cross slide itself. The cross slide will hold the mounting plate and a scale.

Incremental Mode in DRO Lathe Machines

There are two basic modes in a DRO lathe machine: ABS and INC. For best results, use ABS. If you want to move the tool by a certain amount, you should set the DRO to ABS. For example, if you want to move a tool by one inch, you should use the ABS mode. Using the INC mode, however, is more practical, especially if you need to move the tool a smaller amount. If you move 0.5″ in X direction, you will have a workpiece of 1″ diameter.

Quick Zero Buttons in Lathe Machines

DRO lathe machines feature quick zero buttons. These buttons display the tool’s current position in metric or inch units. They are also used to set the DRO to a different metric or inch measurement. This is useful for older users who may have trouble seeing the machine’s dials. However, a good DRO lathe machine will have a number of other functions in addition to a quick zero button.

DRO Lathe Machines Cost

There are two primary factors that will determine the price of a DRO lathe machine. The first is the type of display and scale. Glass scales are less expensive but are prone to getting contaminated with coolant and dust. Also, they are not dust-proof or coolant-proof. Glass scales only come in incremental style. They are the least expensive of all three types of displays. Buying a DRO with the right display will make it more accurate and more efficient for your shop.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits of having a DRO on your lathe machine. This tool helps you monitor the position and accuracy of your machine while performing cutting operations. Its digital readouts provide you with accurate measurements of both the lathe and the workpiece. Moreover, it reduces the cost of machine operation and improves the quality of your work. To get the most out of your investment, you should consider obtaining a DRO.

Written by Yash Shah

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