What Are the Main Parts in a DRO Milling Machine?

A DRO milling machine is a tool used in the production of metal alloys and aluminum products. This type of machine is used for the precise molding of metal and other solid materials. It provides different varieties of tools for molding such as universal all metal cutter, vertical all metal cutter, CNC machine, mini lathe machine, mini CNC milling machine, mini drill press, and more. All these machines are very beneficial for manufacturing all kinds of metal alloys.

Different Parts of DRO Milling Machine

A DRO milling machine is designed to be very compact. Due to its design, only one person can operate it. Because of its compact nature, the operator is able to put it together or disassemble it with relative ease. There are usually two ways to control the workpieces; either by fully disengaging the spindle arm or by lifting the spindle vertically.


The spindle acts as the moving component of a dro milling machine, it is usually made up of brass or steel which is well insulated due to its thick material. On the top of the spindle is attached a shaft and these shafts can be horizontal, vertical, or inclined. The length and diameter of the shaft can be customized according to the required applications.

Scissor Head

The slotted slots are the most visible part of a scissor head. The slots are made of various types of materials such as plastic or metallic foil. The sliding action of the spindle against the tumbler also causes friction which causes high performance. To produce the requisite torque, a gearbox is fitted to the motor. This is an automatic system that controls the speed and adjusts automatically based on the required load. There are various types of gearboxes available that are used in these milling machines such as variable transmission, linear movement, multiple speed drive, and gear wheel drive.

Slider Gear

These gears form the outer surface of the dowl. They are commonly made of brass or steel that is well insulated because of their thickness. The main function of these gears is to carry the tumbler material onto the cutting edge. There are different types of slider gear systems that are used in these milling machines including linear tumbler drive, rotary tumbler drive, and screw-driven tumbler drive.

In Conclusion

In order to get optimum performance from the DRO milling machines, it is essential to perform regular maintenance checks and lubrication on the different parts. It is also necessary to take care of the dust and debris that may get accumulated in the working area. Regular cleaning and lubrication ensure the longevity of the machine parts.

Written by Yash Shah

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