What Is A Hydraulic Lathe Machine?

The hydraulic lathe machine is a type of machine that generates machined movement by the use of hydraulic fluid. This type of machining device uses hydraulic fluid as the main power source, rather than electricity. Therefore, it has been a popular choice among many machining industries in both the industrial and commercial sectors.

Purpose of Hydraulic Lathe Machine

Most people think that this type of machine is only used for large jobs that require a lot of force. The truth is, these machines are ideal for precision work done on smaller materials. They can also be used for intricate designs. They usually come with various accessories such as fences or guides to assist in the process of cutting the pieces. Some of the commonly used accessories include blades, cam locks, cam lever, etc.

Types of Operation of Hydraulic Lathe Machine

The hydraulic machine comes with two types of operation: hydraulic and electric. In the former, the motor transfers the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir to the cutter. The motor creates the force needed to cut the piece. Electric brakes are often used for controlling the speed of the blade rotation. As you would guess, the former operation is more expensive than the latter one.

Why Lathe Machine

Functioning of Hydraulic Lathe Machine

There are two different ways in which the hydraulic lathe machine works. The first way is the rotary type, where the rotors of the machine drive a fixed spindle. This spindle is linked to the motor and the cut proceeds continuously. The second type is the reciprocating type, where the spindle moves vertically when the rotors rotate. This movement of the spindle allows the fluid to be fed into the cutter at varying speeds, thus allowing the user to adjust the speed of the cutter.

Advantages of Hydraulic Lathe Machine

There are many advantages of using this type of machining equipment. For example, a lot of the cost of the machine is reduced due to the absence of moving parts. The only physical movement that the machine needs is the operation of the spindle. Moreover, because the hydraulic fluid is driven through the machine via a very large tube, very little energy is wasted as heat. Also, since the hydraulic fluid is recycled, the machine does not require that much cooling and maintenance.

The Bottom Line

These hydraulic machines are very useful for both small and large shops. They can be used for both heavy and light fabrication work, and the quality of the finished product depends on the operator’s skills. It should be pointed out, however, that while this type of machine is very efficient and easy to use, they tend to be expensive. Nevertheless, it is worth investing in for the sake of your business.

Written by Yash Shah

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