Types of Drilling Machine – Radial Drill Machine for Construction, Woodworking & Metalworking

The drilling machine is one of the most vital machine tools. It has transformed a lot of complex manufacturing processes into very simple tasks. The drilling machine is an important tool that is used in several industrial and commercial operations; such as construction, woodworking, metalworking etc.

The drilling machine is also commonly known as a drill press. It is basically used for drilling holes of various sizes as per required depths on any surface area.  Moreover a drilling machine is utilized for tapping, reaming, counter boring, countersinking, spot facing etc.

There are several categories of the drilling machine such as the upright drilling machine, radial drilling machine and special purpose drilling machine. Even though all these drilling machines execute the fundamental drilling task; there are certain specific objectives and additional features that can be done more precisely and easily by that particular type of drilling machine.

A radial drilling machine has a drilling head, which is mounted to slide along a radial arm; and can be rotated, raised or lowered, on a vertical mast to adjust the position of the drill above the work piece. A radial drilling machine is used for numerous functions that include drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, counter boring, lapping, screwing and spot facing. The radial drilling machines are capable of drilling a wide range of materials made from cast iron, steel, plastic etc.

The latest radial drilling machine range includes V belt driven radial drill machine and all geared radial drill machine; as well as the imported radial drill machines. Radial drilling machines are normally categorized on the basis of the arm length and the width of the drill bit swing.

The plain radial drilling machine always has a vertical spindle that may not move over the work piece. In the half universal drilling machine the spindle can be swung in one place over the work piece. A full universal drilling machine offers a great amount of flexibility. It has the capability to move and swing in any plane and over any angle; without moving the work piece.

The radial drilling machine is a highly versatile workshop machine tool. In a radial drilling machine the drilling spindle is attached to the end of an arm. Hence it can hold large sized work pieces, depending on the length of the arm. Whereas in the other types of drilling machines; only smaller work pieces can be placed under the drill.

Further, the arms of these radial drilling machines can be moved and swung in various angles to reach the exact drilling locations. The extra ability to move the arm extensively; permits even larger work pieces to be placed quite easily. A radial drill machine can also be used as a tool for placing fasteners. It can cut through the material and at the same time fasten two pieces of materials together with some type of fastener.

Nowadays many radial drilling machine manufacturers supply sturdy, accurate and long lasting radial drill machines in the local and global markets at competitive rates.

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