Copper Busbar Cutting Machines

In this article, It is briefly introduce copper busbar cutting machines. You can use this information to choose the right machine for your business. In addition to cutting copper busbar, this machine can also be used for flattening and forming rods.

The copper busbar cutting machine is equipped with an automatic tool change system that increases productivity. Its modular design concept and large tooling capacity make it a flexible, cost-efficient solution for busbar manufacturing. Another benefit is its easy-to-use touch screen operator interface. This machine also comes with a tool magazine with up to 24 tools. Despite the high-end features, it uses less energy than other comparable machines.

This easy-to-operate busbar head finishing machine provides the accuracy and quality needed for a busbar part. It combines high production rates without sacrificing overall quality or part accuracy. It is easy to use and does not require any programming background. Its compact footprint allows it to be installed near a punching machine. As a result, it will not take up a lot of space.

copper busbar cutting machine

The servo-electric machines designed for high-speed, high-production copper and aluminum busbar cutting. These solutions are based on modular design concepts and offer outstanding energy efficiency and production speed. Additionally, they feature automatic tool-change options and automatic material handling. With a maximum processing capacity of 1000 tons per shift and a total annual production capacity of 500,000 tons, significantly reduce overall production costs and time.

Designed for high-volume production, copper busbar bending machines are easy to use and maintain. Their automatic tool-change capability helps maximize productivity without compromising part accuracy. They have large tooling capacities and low energy consumption. With automatic tooling changes and a touch-screen operator interface, the machine is user-friendly and simple to use. All the parts are accessible for easy installation and maintenance.

The copper busbar cutting machine is an innovative tool for bending, reducing and shaping copper and aluminum busbars. The compact and servo-driven design of the machine increases productivity without sacrificing part accuracy or overall quality. It also features a large tooling capacity, an easy-to-use touch screen operator interface, and low energy consumption. This copper busbar cutting machine has the following features:

The servo-electric technology of  copper busbar cutting and punching machine offers exceptional energy efficiency and productivity compared to hydraulic machines. The servo-electric technology and automatic tool-change options of the copper busbar cutting machine lowers overall costs. The servo-electric machines are equipped with a tool magazine, which stores up to 24 cutting tools. Moreover, the machines also feature automated material handling.

For cutting aluminum and copper busbars, the CNC copper busbar cutting machine introduces high production efficiency. The machine is equipped with a linear motor flat bar feeding and servo-electric punching technology. Its modular design concept and large tooling capacity make it a cost-effective investment. Its user-friendly touch screen operator interface allows the operator to make quick and easy changes to tooling. With its automatic tool-change options, it is also easy to change the tools. It can also handle different materials unmanned and has a large tooling capacity.

The CNC copper busbar cutting machine has a dual work table for double-sided bending. It is suitable for processing copper and aluminum materials up to 20mm thick. Its integrated swivel jaws enable mark-free bending, which is particularly helpful for companies operating as suppliers. The machine also features a hydraulic clamp for edge bending of busbars up to 60×10 mm.

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