Aluminium Busbar Bending Machine

There are a few advantages to owning an aluminium busbar bending machine. Firstly, it is portable, which makes it easy to move around the site. Moreover, it will be fixed in the factory, which will protect the objects that are bended from being distorted. Furthermore, there are many features of a CNC busbar bending machine, such as the ability to bend up to 255 busbars per minute.

Work of a Aluminium Busbar Bending Machine

A busbar bending-cutting-punching machine is a versatile piece of machinery that specializes in the bending of steel, aluminum, and other similar materials. It is a highly compact piece of equipment that features a main drive motor, a hydraulic power pack, and a built-in control panel. It can perform a variety of busbar-bending tasks with high-quality hydraulic and electrical components. It is a low-maintenance machine that requires minimal training and has a high-quality output.

The work of a busbar bending machine is extremely complex. It consists of a mold, a press plate, and a number of parts. There are many different types of busbar bending machines, and it is essential to understand their workings before buying one. Some machines are easier to use than others, and some of them require only a few simple adjustments. This type of busbar bending machine is an excellent option for any busbar business.

Busbar Bending Machine

This Aluminium busbar-bending machine is capable of producing twisted shapes while working on short straight lengths between bends. Its spring back compensation mechanism prevents the material from warping or buckling during bending. The hydraulic cylinder operates with a pressure of 700 bar and a flow rate of 0.5 liters/second. For the perfect bus bending, it is necessary to properly configure the machine before a riveting clamping operation is performed.

The top knife of the machine is guide sideways and exchangeable. The machine features a down-holder for centrical cutting and an exchangeable top knife for the bending. It is equipped with a micro switch for automatic shutdown when the cutting operation is finished. The machine has a range of bending radii ranging from 6.6 mm to 21.5 mm. The cutting time depends on the width and thickness of the busbar.

CNC Busbar Bending Machine

CNC Busbar Bending Machine

CNC aluminium busbar bending machines are specialized machines used for manufacturing the various shapes of aluminium busbars. These machines come in different sizes and shapes, and they require different production sites. For indoor use, large CNC busbar bending machines are not suitable. However, if space is an issue, small CNC busbar bending machines are also suitable. If you are planning to invest in a CNC aluminium busbar bending machine, make sure to read our guide for buying the right one.

The machine is widely used for bending aluminium busbars. It can be applied to a wide variety of industries, such as electrical transformer, power station cabinet, high-low switchgear, and more. The feeding unit of this machine consists of two synchronous linear guide-ways and one set of high-precision rack and pinion. The rack and pinion move with the help of a servo motor. The electrical unit is controlled by a touch screen, and the main electrical components are world-class.

Edge Bending of Busbars with a Manual Clamp

When compared to bolted connection, clamping of aluminium busbars is easier to do for Al/Cu ends than for Al/Al. This may be due to the higher thermal expansion coefficient of Al, which may explain the higher maintenance costs associated with Al busbars. Alternatively, you may choose a bimetallic busbar, which is cheaper, lighter, and more versatile than a monolithic Al busbar. It can also help you avoid the maintenance costs that monolithic Al busbars incur.

The busbar fabrication system comes with optional step-bending tools and a short leg bender. This system will offer you maximum productivity and cutting-edge bending options. The clamping system is equipped with an electronic controller that allows you to set the desired bending conditions, control the process, and collect data with varying sampling frequencies. It will even perform edge bending for up to 100x10mm busbars.

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