How to Choose a Highly Efficient Shaping Machine

Today, several types of machines, equipments and tools are invented in order to automate numerous industrial activities; such as cutting, drilling, milling, threading, shaping etc. A small or large work piece made from wood, metal etc. can be used to create the required product using a shaping tools. It is basically utilized to shape straight and flat metal surfaces.

Applications of Shaping Machine

It helps to cut and form aluminum, steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals into different shapes, curves, and angles. A variety of shaping equipments with different specifications are available nowadays. Metal shaping equipments vary from inexpensive hand tools to latest devices that save both time and effort. Hence choosing a highly efficient shaping machine will primarily depend on the exact requirements of the user, their budget and quality of the selected one.

Importance of Shaping Machine in Different Industries

All industries apply a wide range of hand and/or power tool room to shape sharp sheets of metal into usable materials. Soft metals like copper, or hard metals such as steel, require the appropriate equipments to transform sheet metal into the final product; without damaging or denting the work piece. The various metal cutting and shaping tools that help to transform raw metals into usable objects with accurate and customized shapes; are as follows:

A versatile lathe is a tool that turns metal materials to shave away the exterior part and form the desired shape. A metal stock is mounted on a lathe that spins the material like a potter’s wheel. The turning work piece is pressed against a sharp cutting tool to create a precisely shaped material.

About Different Other Shaping Machines

A milling machine is another metal cutting that has the ability to carry out a variety of tasks; that includes cutting, carving, stamping, milling and shaping. Milling are normally large, floor mounted units. A metal stock is placed on the milling table, to cut and shape the object. Programmable and automated, CNC milling deliver highly accurate shapes.

A machine press refers to several multi-purpose metal cutting tools. They are primarily used to cut and deform metals by pressing the work piece in between two heavy plates. The machine can cut, bend, stamp and shape metal sheets into different forms; depending on the shape of the pressing plates. A typical press may be bench or floor mounted; and is usually powered by pneumatic force or electricity.

A metal working plane or planer shaves thin and exact strips of metal away from the surface of a work piece. It can cut flat surfaces, and create long slots, channels and grooves through a metal work piece. Metal working planes are generally large, floor mounted. Here the metal stock is placed on the machine’s stationary table and passed through a cutting attachment with an adjustable arm to produce the required shape.

In Conclusion

Moreover, before selecting the right shaping machine assure; that it is manufactured using high quality cast iron for higher efficiency and stability. Also ensure that it is sturdy, safe and durable;corrosion resistant, energy efficient and cost-effective.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.