Installing Machine Tools in your Workshop

A machine tool is a power driven equipment designed to drill, bore, grind or cut metal or other material. A tool is employed to complete the process of cutting, shaping or drilling in a machine tool to get jobs done quickly and accurately. In ancient times, these were controlled by human force but now it work with the help of electrical or hydraulic force. A certain kind of cutting or deformation is done with the help of it. All the machine tools have specific type of working which provides a guided movement to the parts of the machine to achieve the shape of the material required. It controls the relative movement between the work piece and the cutting tool which is also known as toolpath. To be precise, these are the machines which help people in making things. It plays an inevitable role in a factory or any construction unit. Thus, these are required to make things work faster, easier and the most important is to generate accurate output.


A workshop is a place where different machines are used to cut, shape and drill various materials like metals, plastics, wood, glass etc. The decision of installing equipments for your workshop depends on the process you would like to carry out. There are some specific machine shop processes like turning, drilling, shaping, grinding, milling etc., and you need to install devices depending on the process to be carried out in your machine shop. For example, if you need to shape metals in your workshop, then you need to install a lathe machine and if you need to drill holes into any material, then you need to install a drilling machine. But before installing different types of equipments in your workshop, you need to understand their specifications and applications which are given below:-

Lathe Machine

A lathe machine is considered as the most important machine tool in any workshop as it used to shape metal which is the most important process when any metal product is to be manufactured. Initially, a lathe machine was used to cut cylindrical metal stock but now it is also used to drill holes, tapered work, screw threads etc. There are different types of lathe machines like CNC lathe machines, light duty lathe machines, heavy duty lathe machines etc. for various applications requiring fabricating metal. Every workshop has a different job to be done, and so the lathe machine for a machine shop is chosen accordingly.

Milling Machine

Just like lathe machine, a milling machine is also used to cut and shape solid materials like metal, wood and plastics. But, a milling machine is different than a lathe machine because in lathe machine the material moves in order to give a specific shape whereas, in milling machine the cutting tool moves at a high speed. Basically, there are two types of milling machines manually operated milling machines and computer operated milling machine which gives ultimately accurate results. The milling machine you need to choose depends on the process your workshop requires to accomplish.

Drilling Machine

The drilling machine, as the name suggests is used to drill holes in the solid material like metal and wood. Drill machine is an essential machine tool of any workshop as it is used in wide applications in various industries like construction, woodworking and metalworking. Different types of drilling machines are available but basically it can be categorized into manual drilling machines and automatic drilling machines. Manual drilling machines are operated with hand power whereas automatic drill machines are powered with electricity. All the drilling machines can be applied wherever small to bigger size holes need to be formed.

Besides, the above mentioned tools there are various other tools for workshop like power press, grinding, sheet bending, slotting machine etc., which can be found in almost all the workshops. So, the tools you need to install in your workshop depends on the output required. Installing best tools in your workshop becomes necessary when accurate output is required. So, to enable proper flow of work, just collect the information about all the tools available at and decide on which tools to be installed in your workshop.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.