Points to Consider While Choosing Column Drilling Machines

When buying Column Drilling Machine, always buy it from a reputable dealer. They would offer you the best quality and at the best price. But before buying it, you should know your needs and requirements for the drilling job that you want to accomplish. This will help you to know what type of Column Drilling Machine is suitable for your business.

Types of Column Drilling Machine

There are several uses of the column drilling machine, and each of these is highly important for various industries. Some of the uses are as follows:

Light Pillar Column Drilling Machine

First, there is the light pillar drill or the column drill for light pillar holes. This is an essential tool for those who do not have a lot of experience in drilling holes in pillars. These are small industrial machines and are perfect for the holes that you want to make on tall buildings or other structures. Most of the time, these are portable and lightweight.

Heavy-Duty Column Drilling Machine

The second type of Column Drilling Machine is the heavy-duty one. The heavy-duty ones can drill thicker holes and the ones that come with larger capacity drill bits. It is perfect for making holes in concrete and other industrial masonry materials. A few examples are wall panels and ceilings in residential houses. If you need to drill a big hole, then you should go for the heavy-duty bench drilling machines. You can use these for making holes in the ceilings or walls of commercial buildings.

Column Drilling Machine

Another common feature of the drill head assembly is that the arm is mounted externally. This means that the drill head is mounted on a stand that is externally or semi-externally mounted on the pillar or the floor. This type of drilling machine also has a large spindle arm and a T-shaped flange. Most of the time, this type of equipment comes with a hydraulic piston that is used to control the arm and spindle. The T-shaped flange is used to secure the arm in place when it is being drilled.

Box Column Drill Machine

Last but not least, the box column drill is commonly used by carpenters. This kind of machine has an open-top design where the spindle can be accessed easily from the bottom of the unit while the drill bit is fixed to the box column. The box column drill also has a T-shaped flange and the arm is fixed to the box column. There are also some types of column drill machines that have a V-shaped flange.

The Bottom Line

Generally, the workpiece will be drilled using a drill bit that is inserted into the workpiece and will come out of the other end as a drilled hole. One of the advantages of using column drilling machines is that they allow multiple holes to be drilled simultaneously. They also can drill into hard materials such as ceramics and metals, providing better results than hand-held tools.

Written by Yash Shah

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