Popular Types of Drilling Machines

If you have been drilling holes in wood, concrete, metal, or other solid materials, then you know how difficult it can be to drill holes with a hand drill. Even a drill with a hole guide can become cluttered with the various bits and pieces of the drilling tool. These machines are very versatile tools that are suitable for all kinds of drilling. This article will give you the basic information on these machines and what type would best suit your needs.

Types of Column Drilling Machines

A hand crank column drill is one of the two main types of column drilling machines and uses helical motion to turn the spindle. The helical spindle is secured to a workbench or tabletop through the use of a bolt or screw. The other main type is the box column or pedestal column that utilizes helical motion for turning. A pedestal column runs from the head of the drill press to the workbench or tabletop and is secured there through bolts or screws. Box columns are also suitable for shallow holes that don’t require the use of a hand crank.

Radial Drilling Machine

Hand-cranked or Pedal Column Drilling Machines

Hand-cranked or pedal column drilling machines are the last type we will discuss. In this machine, the spindle or crank is turned manually by a person using a pair of hand tools. Pedals are used for turning and for moderate to deep holes. Pedals can be adjusted for depth and width. These types of industrial machines are excellent for light holes but not suited for drilling holes that need a large diameter or that require a lot of drilling fluid.

Spindle and Spool Center Feed Table Drilling Machines

Spindle and spool center feed table drilling machines are the next type to discuss. In these machines, the spindle is fixed to the work surface and guided vertically into the hole. The spool, on some models, is visible from the drill head and the chuck assembly below the spindle. These types of industrial machines have a fixed chuck intended for rotating in a vertical plane, which means that they must be installed on a work platform that has a seat. Spools must be mounted to the work platform in a manner that avoids them from getting caught on or under the workbench.

Pillar Drill Machine

Another type of work table drill is the pillar drill. This drill consists of a pillar that pops out vertically from the work surface. The workpiece is placed inside the pillar and holes are drilled by turning the pillar vertically with the bench drill bit tip. These types of machines are not suitable for drilling into hard materials or objects. They can be used on softer surfaces however and are ideal for drilling holes into soft metals like aluminum or brass. They also work well when you want to drill into a narrow spot or when you want to drill straight into a wall or post.

In Conclusion

A final type of drilling machine is the radial arm drill which is similar to the above except that the spindle and drill head rotates in a circular orbit rather than vertically. The benefits of using this type of machine over other models are that it is simpler to use and easier to manually guide the spindle through its hole. It does not require a seat or work surface and is perfect for drilling into walls and small structures. Radial arms also do not need pillar holes, which is another reason why they are so popular.

Written by Yash Shah

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