Industrial Applications of Different Sheet Metal Machineries

Metals play an important part in our lives today. Think of any object around us and either it is made of metal or some part of it is of metal. Metals are an integral part of our lives today. A number of different types of machines are involved in giving shape to these metals.

Metal industries and workshops use various kinds of sheet metal machines to bend the hard metal sheets, or rods, of steel, brass, iron etc. and shape them according to the need. These are used in the manufacture of pipes, automobiles, buildings, decorative items, house hold items etc.

The products made by sheet metal machines are very specific, size and shape is precise and the quality is superior.

Different types of sheet metal machines have varied industrial applications.

  • Sheet Bending Machine – To manufacture various products from metal these machines are used. Steel, titanium, copper and many more metals can be bent and shaped.
  • C Type Power Press Machine – Its shape is like letter ‘C’. Industries where metal sheets need to be bent, pressed or cut with more force, power presses are used.
  • Pillar Type Power Press Machine – This machine is used to cut or bend thick metal sheets when a lot of force is required. It works very fast and makes less noise.
  • Pyramid type Bending Rollers – This machine is mostly used in the industries making cones, wind mills, ship parts, channels for air conditioners and fabrication of aluminium and steel.
  • Hydraulic Press Brake – This sheet metal machine is used for very accurate bending of metal sheets and plates in many industries. It uses hydraulic pressure to bend the metal sheets.
  • Mechanical Press Brake – These are very precise and fast machines to bend sheets of metal. The flywheel works with an electric motor.
  • Hydraulic Shearing Machine – From a large stash of metal smaller sheets of metal are cut using this machine. Different kind of materials, metal and non metal, can be cut with it. It’s very safe to use and requires minimum maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Press Brakes – It is a strong machine used to bend sheets and plates of metal very accurately in a number of industries. As it uses hydraulic power to operate, and the ram can stop without difficulty, as and when required, so the machine is very safe to use.
  • Small Sheet Metal Machine – These are used in small scale industries dealing in wood or metals, to cut, bend, press or form metal. Various types of small sheet metal machines are available in the market.
  • Hand Operated Metal Sheet Bending Machine – For various bending operations, different types of these machines are available. It is used in big industries to cut, bend, punch, and shear metal sheets.
  • CNC Syncro Hydraulic Press Brake – These machines are used in the industry for a number of operations. Metal can be formed, punched, pierced, notched etc. with these machines.
  • NC Hydraulic Press Brake – These are easy to work with, bending work can be done quite fast so it is cost effective.


Thus sheet metal machines are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Different brands offer different types of machines with different functions. One can buy these machines depending on the type of job work to be undertaken in the industry.

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