Information on Industries Where Highly Needs Machine Tools

Need of Machines in Industries

Today, in every industry there is a need of different devices that allows the manufacturing process easier and faster. There are different tools which are worth using.  you can check out the best  that are made by skilled staffs and distributed across India.

Machine Tools for Various Industries

These are widely used in different industries for processing units. Some of this largely used are Workshop, Sheet Metal, Wood Working, Automobile & Garage , Plastic & Printing, Welding , Food Processing as well as Special Purpose Machines.

Machine Tools for Various Industries

Use of Lathe Machine

There are various types of Lathe that are offered including- v-belt drive, all geared lathe etc.  These devices are designed to perform various manufacturing activities like drilling, cutting, sanding, metal working and glass working. These equipments are distributed to various industries in India. These are also come with various accessories like True Chuck, Independent Chuck, Key Way Attachment etc.

Essential Use of Drill Machine

These are largely used in industries for various cutting purpose.  It comes in different forms like BMT 20-25, Pillar Drill, BMT 13-20H, V Belt Driven Radial Drilling, All Geared Radial Machine etc. Each of these are well designed to give desired result.

Machine Tool for Bending

The Press Brake is mechanically designed which is used in bending sheet, plate and other solid materials. This press brakes are the two types of press brake, offered for industrial needs. We offer all press brake are offered in low cost and are easy to install.  The Hydraulic Press Brakes are made up of quality grade materials and are highly efficient to use.

The Use of Tool Room Machines

You can get different types of tool room equipments like Milling, Universal All Geared Milling, Vertical All Geared Milling Machine, Geared Drive Milling etc.

Machines for Construction

There are also construction equipments specifically designed for constructions. These includes- concrete mixer, hydraulic type mixer, concrete mixer without hopper, half bag concrete mixer, weight batcher, slab trolley with rails etc. These are reliable and efficient to use. These equipments are primarily used for performing various construction related tasks.

Woodworking Machinery for Wooden Work

Woodworking machinery are also offered having different segments to work on. Some of the available device are-  Surface cum thickness planer, Thickness Planer with Auto Mould, Surface Planer with Circular Saw Attachment and Auto Mould.


All these highly mechanized tools put a great impact in industries and construction work. These device certainly bring down the work load and give a great result.

Written by Yash Shah

This blog written by Mr. Yash Shah is about machine tools including workshop machinery, wood working machines, sheet metal machinery provided by Bhavya Machine Tools, a leading distributors of machine tools in India.